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Two feet land on a different ground:

21 March 1989
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androgyny, anthropology, anti-philosophy, antipiratical revisionist pastafarianism, apocalypses, atheism, bald girls, beanie baby buttsex, being disturbed, bicycles, bisexuality, blogging, body modification, bonobos, books, boots, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, captain morgan/lady bligh, cephalopods, chicken-stick, clonlara, cognates, colin the security robot, comics, constructed languages, contortion, costumes, crafting, dictionaries, digital photography, discordianism, diy, douglas adams, dwarf hamsters, dyed hair, editing, editpad classic, español, etymology, evolution, fiction, filthy assistants, folk etymology, folklore, ford prefect, found objects, fuck your fixie, garb, gears, geeks, genderqueer, german, giant bondage ants, goldfish, google, graffiti, grammar, grim meathook future, h2g2, hair dye, hats, heroin puppies, heston vs hitler, hexadecimal, hitting things with sticks, hoverbubbles, html, hugs, indiana jones, infinite improbability drive, internet, killing kittens, knee socks, knitting, knives, languages, learning, libraries, linguistics, linux mint, longhand, lurking, m.c. escher, machines, making stuff, monkeys, mst3k, music, mythology, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, nerd vapors, nonfiction, octopodes, old beans, pastede on yay, perry bible fellowship, photography, piercings, pippi longstocking, pixies (band), post-apocalyptic, posthumanism, procrastinating, random dent, retrofuture, robots, sca, scarves, science fiction, shaved heads, shenanigans, short stories, snazzy leather satchels, south carolina dingoes, spanish, spider jerusalem, steampunk, stencils, storykeeper, striped socks, swords, technology, the sims, the trickster, tiddlywikis, tom waits, transhumanism, transmetropolitan, trillian, umbrella-mouth gulper eels, unschooling, ursa minor, viruses, wanderlust, warren ellis, wikipedia, wissendurstigen, wordpress, words, worldbuilding, writing, wunderkammern, xkcd


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